A ‘Goldeneye’ for detail!

Whilst I have been out and about recently I have noticed hoards of people with one thing on their minds. I assumed they were seeking seats at cinemas around the county to see the new Bond movie. BUT how wrong can one be. The light has dawned and I realise that The London Golf Show at Bluewater is where they are heading.

Now, at Bluewater, “For Your Eyes Only”,you can get “Diamonds Forever” and play at the “Casino Royale”. The travel stores will get you to “Russia with Love” and even the “Moon(raker)” and the medical centre welcomes “Dr. No” in case you “Live and Let Die” or “Die Another Day”. Jewellers on all three sides will serve Mr. “Goldfinger” or the “Man with the Golden Gun”. Look in the lake for “Octopussy”but watch out in case something Falls from the Sky (“Skyfall”).

However the queues are forming for OHMSOS (One High Moment for Swing out Sister!) We are delighted to report that we will be amongst the great and the good to show the people of London, and many other areas, our wonderful Winter Collection of Ladies Golf Clothing. Like 007 we appeal to ladies of all ages and golfing abilities. We will offer a warm welcome to all visitors to our stand from Friday to Sunday.

Come and see the “Spectre” (spectacular ) range we have to offer. We would love to meet you. Just follow the signs.

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