Easter Bunny Spotted…

We are well into the pre Easter period now and chocolate eggs are everywhere. However around these parts there is a nattily dressed bunny running riot!

Rumour has it that said bunny has had a sneaky peek at the new Swing Out Sister range that is due in store very soon. Certainly the couriers have been busy delivering parcels of every shape and size and one can only speculate what delights are hidden inside.

My guess is that there will be a great mix of subtle pastels together with vibrant touches of colour. Of course there will always be the trusted basic colours which make a great foundation to any lady golfers wardrobe.

“One a Penny, Two a Penny
Hot Cross Bun,
in case you want to see them
Let the Bunny run
Straight to Swing Out Sister
Where you can have some fun
Admiring all the trendy gear
To see you through the golfing year.
(Well all Spring and Summer)
The new range is very near!!!

Keep hopping Easter Bunny!

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