Easter Monday….just what did the Easter Bunny bring this weekend!

It may have taken a while but the sun has decided to shine today and as I take my lunch break on the terrace at CGC enjoying a lime & soda together with one of Phil’s ‘specials’ an open smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket bagel ..naughty but SO nice  ( and surely fractionally better than the traditional chocolate eggs on offer ) it seems an appropriate time to begin this week’s blog.

Many of us herald and hope Easter weekend marks the start of the golfing season. With the First Ladies major taking place in Palm Springs….  (Congratulations Brittany Lincicome for holding your nerve in the play off! ) AND the anticipation of The Masters next week , it is one of my favourite times in the sporting calendar year! Not just golf but some of our national treasures such as The Grand National and the Boat Race are nearly upon us and all that then follows on. Sport provides live theatre like no other and is both exhilarating and soul destroying whether a participant or just an avid observer. Any one watching Andy Murray last night will know what I mean. It is enthralling to observe the twists and turns of the journey….and I simply love it! Around me I can see daffodils blooming, green shoots developing and golfers out on the course in many less layers than a month ago….a wonderful array of age groups from the very young to the very sprightly retired amongst us all able to enjoy together what golf has to offer. The Easter Bunny has delivered just in the nick of time!

So dressed in the SOS Navy Laura Capri and Lucy polo it feels like we are out of winter hibernation and on the home run to a glorious summer of sporting fun…enough pontificating I think so back to work for me. However just one final thought ….remember the opportunity to choose just the right clothes for every sporting occasion is available 24/7 at swingoutsistergolf.com

Happy Easter

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