From Princess to Princes….why golf is definitely worth a try

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Well what exciting news today ….Many Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. So pleased mother and daughter are doing well. As we enter National Golf Month ( a chance to try golf for free at a local club or Centre ) with so much emphasis on getting girls into golf, this birth on day one might just be a good omen.   I am sure that with such sporty parents the princess will be encouraged to try lots of different sports and hopefully one of them will be golf!

It cannot be underestimated how many benefits golf can bring to all but especially those introduced to it at a young age.  With recent research showing golf has positive benefits on fundamental movement skills, social and learning approaches plus individual achievement and focus back in the academic classroom, it has got to be worth trying.  It provides lifelong friendships, a healthy body and mind, whilst even in business it can play a part encouraging networking and an understanding of personalities…..In addition the handicapping system that frames golf means anyone can play and In golf there is no doubt we test ourselves again and again!!  Predominately  an individual sport we have no choice but to take responsibility for what we do and if we set goals to improve, only we can make them happen. When we look at the bigger picture, the blame culture on show in the political election at the moment, the insecurities that social media can bring to our young and the wider prospects for our youth moving forward surely we should be shouting from the rooftops get into golf…..and feel benefits beyond the satisfaction of connecting with the ball.

Not only that but as a girly girl being able to fill my wardrobe with golf fashion that I can actually wear anywhere; combining high street chic and technical know how together with some amazing styles from a range of unique designers it really is a no brainier. So if you haven’t tried it yet or know someone who might like it tell them now!!

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