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Golf in Bloom

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sos spring summer fashionWhat do stylish golfers want to wear this spring?

For many, it is a uniform or stylish ‘Armour’ that will help them battle both the elements of the golf course and the ever changing seasons. Giving them confidence and comfort no matter what their day has in store.

In their wardrobe you will find, the perfect pair of capris, the crisp white polo shirt, the go with everything Gilet, and the corresponding visor. We are really excited to be launching this spring, exclusively our Swing Out Sister collection, our answer to those simple basics.

“Combining  classic, comfortable and stylish requests, the new label keeps simplicity at the fore.”

With a range of clean cut polo shirts, capris, city shorts and skorts, visors that don’t give you a headache and socks that don’t slip, not forgetting the ever ready lightweight warm layer. It will feel at home in anyone’s wardrobe.

Quality and an eye for detail are two of the label’s design signatures. So to is the concept of clothes which don’t take themselves too seriously and a price tag which is inviting. It’s a concept we believe will have you coming back for more!

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