Lessons Learned

Wow! After a fabulous weekend watching all the amazing sport, including the incredible Jordan Speith at The Masters, it has been an equally action packed week with SOS visits to Royal Eastbourne, Royal Ashdown Forest and Beaconsfield Golf club. Take this combined with meeting lots of visitors to our SOS flagship store this week from local clubs as near as Piltdown and those as far as Ohio USA ….plus welcoming a host of new visitors to our website…there was never a dull moment. ( well perhaps sorting the stock room at 8.30 pm last night wasn’t so much fun but oh so satisfying!!)

Interestingly there were 3 clear best sellers this week

1. The SOS ‘ Lucy’ Capri so versatile as basically you can team any bright colour with it.

2. The Daily Miracle Pant in silver. A great lightweight trouser that definitely flatters all!

3. The Abacus Elsa Polo, a dry cool polo with star quality  in red/orange.

My conclusion! I think that sneak peak of Summer we got in the middle of the week has got us all thinking about our Golf and our Summer Wardrobe. It is not quite skort weather yet but longer capris, lightweight trousers and a striking polo shirt are certainly fitting the bill in my wardrobe….and obviously many of our customers. The highlight of the week without a doubt was discovering by chance that two customers at one event I attended had been at the same school as me some 30 plus years previously and reminiscing about the school, it’s regime, teachers, pupils,  the break time legendary ‘Iced buns’ ……and the beautiful buildings. Two things struck me, how time moves too quickly and what a small world we live in! They say that school days are the best days of our life. I am not sure if it feels like that at the time but mine were certainly a lot of fun and it was so good to be reminded of them! ( if not how many years have gone by since) This week we start in Basingstoke, moving on to Kent and then back to Sussex with our boutique SOS pop up shops. Can’t wait!

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