Man, I feel Like A Woman

With anticipation rising in the camp, the team prepared for this year’s spring summer launch of our fashion collections. With the added excitement of our home label the ladies began arriving early and it was certainly clear that we had an enthusiastic audience! The models prepared their first outfits in the dressing rooms as the ladies were indulging in some signature coffee and SOS cupcakes. It was a strong start!

Swing Out Sister Ladies Golf Clothing & Active WearThen as 11am came, the deafening sound of ELO | Mr Blue Sky came flooding through the sound system. The power of the upbeat song had the ladies clapping with excitement. Enter, the girls! Lucy, Sam and Suzy in home label outfits. Dancing onto the catwalk, posing with the latest canvas adverts, they played to the crowd! Although the dancing was a little suspect, the outfits were certainly not. The colour and style outshone even the brightest of suns! It had finally landed!

Swing Out Sister Ladies Golf Clothing & Active WearAs the morning progressSwing Out Sister Ladies Golf Clothing & Active Weared, the outfits kept coming, and our models for the day, Pam, Mary and Anne kept doing what they do best!

The finale was fast approaching, but we had one more surprise in store. This week is all about doing something funny for money in aid of Comic Relief.

Lucy, as always, thanked the models for their support, before yet another song floated through the airways. Now you wouldn’t expect the soundtrack from the Full Monty to be played at midday on a Wednesday, but it happened none the less. Donna Summers Hot Stuff welcomed The Boys…Yes you read that right, John and Marc our behind the scenes staff came shuffling in, with a moonwalk with absolutely no resemblance to Michael Jackson’s.

The outfits were enough to turn the stomachs for sure…yet they continued to clap out of pity no doubt. It had to be an SOS milestone.

At the end of the day, smiles and laughter filled the clubhouse. Raising money for Red Nose Day in a skirt and sleeveless top wasn’t all bad…

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Swing Out Sister Ladies Golf Clothing & Active Wear


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