Spring Is In The Air

It is 7.30am in the morning and as I look through the office window I can see perfect blue sky, lush greenery  and the new shoots of Spring on their way with daffodils and crocuses bursting forth.  It puts a smile on my face and actually makes me relish my upcoming Summer first round knockout match. ( well it could be my only round…) 
I am, I am afraid to say, a  fair weather golfer! I am very happy to go out in all temperatures ( sort of!!!) but a cold wind and lashing rain will have me retreating to the clubhouse quicker than Usain Bolt!  That said, the club house has its advantages. It has underfloor heating, a roaring fire, the strongest coffee and the finest homemade cakes. I may just be a little biased but my ever increasing waistline says they must be doing something right. Plus I can still meet my pals for a get together.

I long to be in warmer climes especially now the shop has been filled with this year’s latest ladies collections. Somehow dressed in a polo and my shorts or skort I can hit the ball further, concentrate on my putts more easily and enjoy the fantastic social, physical and mental benefits of golf. A cheeky nine holes after work has never been so appealing!

Everybody says Golf is expensive. It doesn’t have to be and although I am constantly seduced by the clothing I know that much of it can be worn for other activities and in everyday life.  This year my favourite coupling colour has to be shark grey. It goes with every colour in my wardrobe from lime green to hot pink and works well in a casual wardrobe away from the course. ( check out the new SOS polos and skorts, shorts and tapered trouser)Lovely colour & even lovelier fabrics.  I can already feel a purchase coming on….. Shop New In
Many people say it's a solitary occupation that excludes the family.  My whole family play and it is the one sport where it doesn’t matter if you are not as good as your playing partners because of an amazing handicap system that is set to get even easier with the World Handicapping format coming in from 2020. Athough I am by far the weakest player in my family . They all have to give me shots and I know I always have a chance…….

I am drifting to my happy place and if I still look a bit closer I am reminded we have just a few weeks to go before I get into my Summer wardrobe and venture out after work …I can see the first tee full of seniors all keen to get their Friday club round underway. There is just one giveaway that  Spring/Summer is is still a little way off  and that is the colourful array of winter hats, mitts and thicker layers and the steaming takeaway coffee cups from the clubhouse.  
In the meantime there is no harm in little retail therapy to get my Summer wardrobe on track and watching one of our LET ambassadors in the warmth of Australia climbing the leaderboard.  It somehow brings it all a bit closer. 
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