Summer, Summer, Summertime!!

So tonight the clocks go forward and summer time officially begins! Sadly the weather hasn’t quite realised but the glimpse of the sun we had yesterday tells us it is not far away.

In the meantime light layers such as the glade wind vest from Abacus or the Kate cardigan from SOS are great additions to the wardrobe as they ensure we stay warm but not restricted. In addition during the transition from winter to summer we can not underestimate the power of giving your clubs an MOT with new grips for extra stick-ability and control when swinging.
At last  we can abandon our winter gloves/ mittens and hand warmers and begin to look at our summer golf gloves and a chance to enjoy a few holes no matter what the time of day!

To help you make that transition we have put together an ‘ Essentials list’ for the Spring…hope it helps:
Extra lighter layer to carry in your golf bag
Long sleeve polo shirt or tee
Re-grips on your clubs
Summer weight shoes ( we are just loving the Nike delights, Footjoy enjoys or the newly improved Ecco street golf shoe catering for different widths )
A summer trouser eg the 7/8th SOS basic or the Nike core summer pant
A Summer Glove
A visor – particularly helpful when the sun hasn’t quite made up its mind what it is doing
New socks- make sure they don’t slip and have some padding for the hot weather on the way. SOS two pair pack -£5.99
A refresher lesson with your coach  – just in case over the winter you have picked up a few bad habits to counteract the winter weather conditions
Finally a positive mental attitude….. With all this in place what could possibly go wrong!

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