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This Girl Can | National Lottery

Here at SOS we are all just loving the new campaign from Sport England to get women taking part in sport. It has proved quite controversial with its honest portrayal of who we are and what we enjoy! But I particularly love the REAL feel to it . As a women whose weight and body shape seem to change on a daily basis sending me from a size 10 – 16 in a matter of moments it is great to see a variety of shapes, ages and profiles  celebrating and getting involved in sport & exercise. It gives us all a buzz.

There is honestly nothing that can beat the the thrill of sport, taking part or watching it , not just for the obvious health benefits but for  the release of endorphins, that make you feel so good, the success of winning sometimes, the agony of losing, the team spirit, the companionship, sociability , laughter and challenge… I could go on and on .

It is simply great and can be best illustrated by our president at my golf club. Chris is a women in her late 80’s (but you would never know it! )from an ordinary background, money is sometimes a struggle and life threatening illnesses have tried to bring her down but she just LOVES her golf and nothing ( I mean nothing) is going to get in the way of  her efforts to get round the course with energy and enthusiasm, share her passion and encourage. Always positive, sensitive to others and having fun  her sport and its additional benefits have kept her in the game when most would have faded.

I challenge anyone not to find at least one sport that gives them a unique buzz! For Chris it is Golf and in  over 60 years it has never gone away. If you have ever had even a vague thought about trying a sport….get inspired and give it a go. I am not Charley Hull or Michelle Wie..and half Chris’s age but I love golf and all its fringe benefits and I bet you would too.


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